Kharma – Before & After

Kharma has been the inspiration for my several projects. From my paintings to my photography. He came into my life at a good time … when I lost my job. I adopted him after the 2007 California wildfires (eead more about Kharma’s story). I know that sounds odd, but I gained a self confidence to try new things?? Maybe because I needed work or got tired of “not trying”. But not having a income was (and still is) stressful. Kharma made sure I got up and out every day. He made sure I didn’t “live” in self-pity. He made sure I smiled.

He became my CEO (Canine Executive Officer) for my photography business. Now he’s the inspiration for Kharma’s ARTist Colony. I’ve photographed him numerous (and I do mean numerous) times. Now I’m painting his images too. Below is Kharma’s watercolor image and the original photograph, used as inspiration. 


Kharma has his own Facebook page: He’s the inspiration for the 100 Cali Dogs … 100 Stories Project. When you’ve got good karma, every thing is good. He’s Kharma, he’s got good karma and he’s my Kharma!




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